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How to choose the right bathtub: the criteria to take into consideration

A spa bath is chosen in a spa sale according to a number of criteria. In addition to the sanitary installation, certain parameters will condition your choice. Size, shape, motorization, material, number of injectors, ... We will detail the different characteristics to help you choose a good spa bath.

The size and shape of the tub

The size and shape of the spa bath will depend on the size and configuration of your bathroom but also on your body type. To determine the size and shape of your future massage bathtub, start by choosing its location: instead of an existing bathtub, in a corner of the room, ... There are models of various sizes and shapes capable of being suitable. to all types of parts. From the small whirlpool bathtub to the double whirlpool bathtub through the monobloc bathtub, you will inevitably find the one that suits your needs among the wide choice of sanitary facilities. Classic, the rectangular whirlpool bathtub fits perfectly into most bathrooms thanks to its standard dimensions. It will replace your old bathtub. To optimize the space in your room, opt for a small bathtub such as the corner whirlpool bathtub or an asymmetrical whirlpool bathtub. Very aesthetic, the cheap corner whirlpool bathtub is available in several sizes. More conventional in shape, the asymmetrical whirlpool bathtub has variable dimensions: its width oscillates between 75 cm and 90 cm for a length of up to 190 cm. The smallest are 130cm x 130cm while the larger ones are 150cm x 150cm. Trendy and romantic, the round bathtub will find its place in large spaces.

The number of places

For some, the balneo session is also an opportunity to be alone with oneself. In this case, you should preferably choose a model with a width of at least 75 cm and a length of at least 170 cm. For optimal comfort, the London rectangular whirlpool bathtub has the ideal dimensions of 183 cm x 90 cm. Others will prefer to share this moment as a couple. To enjoy a whirlpool session for two, opt for a two-seater whirlpool bath with a minimum width of 120 cm. You will find two-seater whirlpool baths in all shapes and sizes. Choose the classic two-seater rectangular whirlpool bath such as the Cayenne rectangular whirlpool bath or opt for a romantic two-seater whirlpool bath such as the Romantica-S Whirlpool 36-jet spa corner whirlpool bath. Alone or in pairs, immerse yourself in a relaxing bath while enjoying the virtues of chromotherapy. Headrests, multi-jet handshower and complete hydromassage system will not fail to seduce you.

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