Day spa

The best 7 place Spa

What will guarantee that you have chosen the best 7-seater spa tubs? Be aware that there are very obvious points about spas. You must think first of all about comfort and ergonomics. You need to sit or lie down perfectly suited to your body type. Don’t hesitate to try it when you buy. The rest comes afterwards because a quality spa is useless if you are not even comfortable in it.

The technical details of your spa

A 7-seat spa must be well maintained to be able to use it longer. Then think about the efficiency of its filtration system. The latter prevents the development of allergens. To save energy, it is better to opt for filtering by time slot with continuous filtration. Always in the same perspective of energy saving, we must think of the insulation of the spa. This especially concerns the hull and the covering. For the shell, you are advised to opt for polyurethane foam to insulate the heat, but also to protect the shell from thermal shock. For the covering, you can choose either polyurethane foam or vapor barrier.

The different jets of a 7-seater spa

Think again, the number of jets is not really the primary criterion. Instead, focus on the varieties of nozzles and the jets they emit. First there is the nozzle size and then the power of the jets. The 7-seat spa is not just for relaxation. It is equipped with several therapeutic massage stations such as arch massage, lumbar massage and cervical massage. This type of spa also includes the different kinds of jets necessary for a real hydromassage. This includes rotary jets, cascade jets and directional jets. You should not exaggerate the number of jets for an optimal massage.

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