Day spa

The best place to relax

Work, travel, household chores, etc. should not be the only ones who govern your daily life. It is strongly recommended that you rest and take care of yourself. We are a spa and wellness center, the perfect place to get rid of tiredness and recharge your vitality. It is possible that you have a spa at home but there are many advantages to enjoy in a spa hotel like ours. Tranquility is very important for a relaxation session. In your home, various factors can disturb this tranquility. You will not get the most out of the benefits of a spa. In our hotel, all the conditions are met to effectively relax.
Diverse services and luxury amenities

We guarantee you a unique and satisfying cheap spa session in jacuzzi tubs. Not only will you have the opportunity to relax but also to take care of your beauty. Our services relate to all relaxing baths. We have multiple facilities and qualified staff to assist you and advise you. Whatever the needs of our customers, we have the cures and products related to well-being that we need. So, be sure that your body and mind will benefit from all the virtues you will need. Our team of professionals will help you choose the type of equipment and treatment that suits you: light therapy, aromatherapy, sauna, massage, etc. Obviously, all services are at very affordable rates and costs. If you haven't tried a relaxation session yet, now is the time. You will spend little for an unforgettable and satisfying session.
Book now

So make your decision and mark a date, an hour in your calendar to bask. You deserve a moment of rest and relaxation to yourself. You can book now. We have services adapted to your needs whatever your disposition. You don't have to wait for the weekend to book with us. As soon as you feel you need to be taken care of, count on us.

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