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What is organic cosmetics?

By definition, organic cosmetics includes beauty products made entirely of so-called "natural" ingredients, i. e. orga nic, environmentally friendly and never tested on animals. More informations. While conventional cosmetics use chemical active ingredients, organic cosmetics focus on vegetable oils, essential oils and natural colorants, excluding any substance that is competitive for the skin as well as for your human body or located in the environment. No more silicone, paraben and other harmful flavours!

The active principles or fundamental principles

The active principles or fundamental principles are compounds of organic or chemical (synthetic) origin. They are introduced into a decorative product in small quantities. Discover more informations about creation of cosmetic actives. This is called the "active part" of this cosmetic article. The active ingredients were chosen because of their action on different skin types. They can have moisturizing, soothing, diminishing, etc. activities in jacuzzi bathtubs. They are classified into different categories according to the type of skin.

Beauty products

The choice of a beauty product is based on several criteria, the most important of which is undoubtedly the essence of the skin. To avoid allergies or skin problems, choose only the products and makeup that are right for your skin type. Moreover, the choice of make-up should not be taken lightly. The colours of eye shadows, blushes, lipstick, foundation and powder, to enhance your beauty, must be adapted to a natural complexion... Most women are used to analyzing specific cosmetic products recently found on the market to determine their effectiveness... Such a practice is not recommended at all.

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