Day spa

Essential features to boost your spa experience

As with any type of establishment, the best spas that provide the best relaxing moments to their users must meet several criteria. So if you do not want to be disappointed in your spa experiences, it is better to consider various parameters before you go. In addition to the silence, calm and intimacy that must prevail, there are still some things that can be determined beforehand. Here they are.

The classification of spas

Based on the same principle as the stars for hotels and restaurants, spas are also classified with "lotus" by Guidespa. These small flowers are distributed according to various criteria. The number of hygiene controls and the control of equipment are the first. Special emphasis is also placed on the quality of the facilities and the quality of the welcome and services offered by the staff. In addition, the number of lotuses also varies according to the type of care and the qualification of the staff. It should be noted that there are several types of spa: the hotel spa, the beauty spa, the fitness spa, the urban spa and the spa jacuzzi spa. Everyone can choose one according to their desires and needs.

What do others think about the place?

If you want to experience a good spa experience, before you choose a hotel, consider the opinions of guests about the place. Several spa jacuzzi have websites. You only have to look at the opinions left by those who have already visited them to get an idea of ​​their experiences. If the site does not have a special "notice" section, you can find this information on other specific platforms such as forums. However, you have to be able to differentiate between the comments left by real people who have also really worked with the establishment and those who have just been made to praise the place. To have the net heart, you just have to look for the profiles of these web surfers on social networks like twitter or facebook for example.

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