Day spa

The available hot tub accessories for sale

The hot tub accessories include many designed products to enhance your relaxing experience. Discover a wide range of products that will transform this special moment. You will find various spa and Jacuzzi accessories for maintenance, protection, entertainment and accessories that will make your spa or jacuzzi to a unique product.

Entertainment and maintenance

Fragrance diffuser; diffuser of essential oils in microbeads; dry and healthy diffusion; pearls of perfumes; microbeads of essential oils; Multimedia pack; Bluetooth speaker with SD card reader; Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker ideal for sounding your spa session. With its built-in microphone, it allows you to take hands-free calls; Audio kit via Bluetooth; aquafloat - Floating light enclosure; Floating Luminous Bar; a bright floating bar that will liven up your evenings; stool ; Waterproof magnetic LED floodlight available in 16 different colors and 6 transition modes; inflatable bar for spa - Spa Bar; Brominator CL0110 By-pass.

Protections and auxiliary equipment

Inflatable Spa Accessories Pack, 1 Headrest and Filtration Sock; booster seat for spa gets filled with water to the desired size; material resistant to heavy loads and heat; Water Brick booster seat for spa; ballast pocket included made of PVC; cover cover for Spa - Cover Bag Premium universal design, fits all rectangular spas, WaterProof protection with high quality materials in 5 sizes available; integral cover; Spa Bag; the Egg is a well thought floating diffuser; floating solar thermometer; individual fogger; spa towel holder; towelBar; massage shower for spa to screw; massage hand shower connecting directly to a nozzle in your spa; parasol for spa; 260 cm wide offset taupe aluminum offset umbrella for the spa with 360 ° rotation, polyester fabric; umbrella type eccentric inclinable delivered with mounting for mounting on the spa; spa Umbrella: Parasol for spa; cover Lock: locking system for spa cover; safety straps for spa cover; lock with code lock cover for spa ( available in two parts, male part on strap cover, female part to fix on the spa and Jacuzzi ; compatible with all brands of coverage).

Now, you know all the possible accessories for Jacuzzi and spa. So, enjoy yourself and have a good swim and install comfortably and safely.

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