Day spa

How to find true and real relaxation

Whether in your garden or on your terrace, you've got chosen to put in your jacuzzi outside and it's an ideal idea to relax in an open environment inhabited by nature! the way to choose your model and at what price? the way to install and maintain it? Discover all our tips before buying your jacuzzi bathtubs!

The advantages of an outside jacuzzi

But it also has very significant bonuses! Indoors, you would like an area with a solid floor, large enough to be ready to circulate round the spa and good ventilation, well ventilated therefore and with a non-slip floor, a dehumidifier sometimes ... and you sometimes feel a way of confinement . All this doesn't happen outside: a pleasing scent of freedom carries you away, and even under a shelter, the air is ok and humidity isn't a drag ...The inconvenients ? There are two main ones. the primary is that outside, the jacuzzi is more subject to bad weather! Scorching sun, rain, snow, wind…

What questions do you have to ask yourself before purchasing?

There are several sorts of outdoor hot tubs, so there are a couple of important questions you ought to ask yourself before making your purchase:

Where to place it?

The location of your bathtub is that the factor which will determine everything else:

  • Will you set it on your terrace or in your garden? In both cases, is that the floor suitable for installing a hot tub? you would like a solid surface, as flat as possible which will support a minimum of 2 tons. If not, you'll got to plan some foundation reinforcement work (concrete layer for example).
  • Is there enough room for the jacuzzi of your dreams, knowing that you simply must not forget to go away an honest circulation space round the pool, especially to access the technical blocks?
  • is that the location close enough to an electrical installation and therefore the water supply?
  • is it shielded from the elements?
  • will you discover privacy there?

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