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How to have the best home jacuzzi

We all dream of moments of fullness and relaxation at home. What if having a spa area in your home is more than just a sweet dream? Bringing a Jacuzzi into your home is possible. Here are all our tips for installing a spa cocoon in your home!

Installation of a jacuzzi at home

Before you can enjoy soothing and relaxing moments in your heated and bubbling water, there are several basic rules to know about installing a home jacuzzi at home. Make sure that :

- You have water and electricity supplies close to the chosen location;

- The surface on the ground is flat, stable and non-slip;

- The floor must be able to support the weight of the spa and the water in it;

- The room should be well ventilated indoors to avoid moisture problems.

The room must be well ventilated indoors, to avoid humidity problems. Then it remains to choose the model according to your needs. Beware, this is far from being the most obvious step given the large choice of jacuzzis available!

A few criteria to consider

- The number of places

- The material

- The type of seat

- The different options

- Portable or built-in spa?

- The shape

- The dimensions

- Your budget

Where to install your spa?

An outdoor spa

To enjoy your whirlpool all year round, even outdoors, be sure to choose a spot sheltered from the wind, and also from bad weather. Favour a spot with a view: on the panorama or the nature, to increase the feeling of zenitude.

An indoor spa

Installing a jacuzzi indoors has a few constraints: the room must be large, well ventilated, with watertight walls and a solid floor to support the weight of your jacuzzi, the water and its occupants.

The choice will often impose itself, depending on the available space, the quality of your land and your equipment. Also, think carefully before installing it, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

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