Day spa

We have many accesories to make your experience the best

To enhance the wellness and relaxation experience in its Jacuzzi, We offer you many accessories. These are comfort facilities that accentuate the benefits that the spa brings to our body. Our manufacturers have also added fun accessories to spend moments in total relaxation. With our Jacuzzi accessories, you are well on your way to a unique experience.

Our accessories for maximum comfort

Equipping its interior or terrace with a spa is a first step towards comfort and gaming. The advantage of having bathtub accessories is that they improve comfort. With us, you have a wide choice. The spa jets are delivered with the tank. They propel the air and water into the jacuzzi for a perfect hydromassage effect. To maximize the benefits, we offer a bath spa with several jets. Just like the jets, we also have safety accessories. The spa cover provides thermal protection, so it is essential not to let the heat escape. However, the lid prevents the children from approaching the tank without having access to the key or the security code. Similarly, inflatable shelters are available in our stores to protect you from wind, sun and prying eyes. To facilitate your access to the pool, we offer access steps and finally, to improve your comfort, you can buy our headrests.

Our additional spa for more well-being

The variants of lights that are integrated into the spa are conducive to well-being. Spots for chromotherapy are also widely used in medical institutes and specialized centers. To create relaxing environments, our spas can be equipped with light spot under glass, under water or in cascade. In order to promote relaxation, our shop offers essential oils for aromatherapy. They have the same functionality as the spots. If the latter plays with light to create an atmosphere of relaxation, spots for essential oils emit pleasant odors to perfume your moments of relaxation. In addition, they provide recognized benefits for inflammation and rheumatism.

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